ScreenRekod: Capturing Brilliance Byte by Byte - A Developer's Journey


Hey there! Welcome to the behind-the-scenes saga of ScreenRekod – a school project, fueled by a blend of passion for innovation and a burning curiosity about the uncharted territories of screen recording. In this journey, I wore multiple hats – the frontend artist, the backend sorcerer, and the DevOps wizard – all in the pursuit of creating something special.

Project Sparks

The whole idea of ScreenRekod ignited during those Peer Learning Days (PLDs) at our institution. After watching a fellow student present a brilliant solution, I realized the knowledge shared in those sessions was like fleeting sparks; once gone, they were hard to capture. There was a need for a tool that could seamlessly record these sessions, creating a library of learning that everyone could tap into.

Thus, ScreenRekod was born, not just as another screen recording app but as a tailored solution for our learning community's specific needs. It aimed to bridge the gap and transform into a collaborative space where insights and presentations could thrive and be easily accessible.

Tech Talk

For the front end, I decided to dive deep into the core trio – HTML5, Bootstrap5, and JavaScript. No fancy frameworks here – just a commitment to understanding the building blocks of the web, resulting in a custom, lightweight user interface.

The backend got the love of Flask – simplicity and efficiency were the name of the game. For our data, SQLite came in as the reliable database companion – lightweight and perfectly aligned with the project's scope.

When it came to recording the magic happening on screens, the MediaRecorder API took the spotlight. Leveraging native browser support, it became the tool for capturing audio and video streams seamlessly.

Completed Acts

So, what did I manage to cook up? Well, ScreenRekod lets users start recording straight from their browsers – video and audio, the whole package. Robust user accounts ensure secure storage, letting individuals manage and organize their recorded treasures.

Playback and sharing? Of course! Users can relive their recorded sessions right within the application and share the learning wealth with peers through generated links.

Taming the Digital Beast

Ah, the battle against file size limitations! Picture this: epic presentations threatening to clog up the digital highways. Enter Nginx and Gunicorn – my trusty guardians. With a bit of configuration wizardry, we found the sweet spot: a 50MB limit. Now, even the grandest presentations flow smoothly, avoiding a digital traffic jam. It's not just a victory over a technical hurdle; it's a showcase of ScreenRekod's adaptability.

In the end, ScreenRekod is more than a tool; it's an embodiment of my dedication to addressing real-world challenges in the educational realm. It's about making knowledge accessible, byte by glorious byte. So, join the journey, register for a free account, and let's capture brilliance together, one presentation at a time!


As the developer behind ScreenRekod, I am a passionate innovator driven by a curiosity for groundbreaking applications. Check out the links below and don't forget to leave a like or comment.

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